Sevish Music



3 tracks of lush, liquid, atmospheric drum’n’bass using microtonal tunings.

Named after the MK-SUPERDUPER conspiracy – a powerful and hidden group who tried to unleash new human emotions using the power of music. It’s only within the liner notes that you’ll discover the TRUTH.

Drum and bass producer Sevish made these 3 tracks to subvert the 12-tone system and honor the secret bass society but his involvement with the original MK-SUPERDUPER project is unknown.


Rhythm and Xen (2015)


Xenharmonic drum and bass, breaks, and UK bass
the spiritual successor to Golden Hour.

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23 (2014)

Jacky Ligon, Sevish, Tony Dubshot - 23

After the Subversio album, this is the second release on Dubbhism Deluxe bringing together the sounds of Jacky Ligon (Xen-Arts), Sevish (split-notes) and Tony Dubshot (Dubbhism). This EP is about a tuning, known as 23 EDO. We call this style Xenharmonic Bass Music.

All pieces are written using the same tuning, and once again the FMTS synthesizer, a VSTi developed by Jacky Ligon of Xen-Arts, was used to design many of the sounds on this EP.

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day:dot EP (2013, as Sean Archibald)

Sean Archibald - day:dot EP

This feast for ear holes brings together downtempo electronic music and drum & bass into a bite-size listening experience. Featuring a collaboration with Bristletone.

Note: this one isn’t microtonal at all. Strictly tha twelve EDO.