Resources for Microtonal Music

I offer the resources below so that others may find an entry point to exploring alternative tunings in their music.

Scale Workshop
Tuning files
22edo reference
Max 4 Live instruments
Pure Data + Camomile instruments
Bitwig tuning presets (old)

Scale Workshop

Scale Workshop allows you to create microtonal tunings and play them within your web browser. Your created tunings can be exported and downloaded to your device in various tuning formats.

Screenshot of the Scale Workshop web app for making tunings


It’s a web app, so it supports modern browsers on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. You can track Scale Workshop development on GitHub.

Tuning files

Handpicked microtonal tuning files that I collected around 2014. Includes a written guide to introduce you to using these tunings. Download them all

Multiple tuning formats are included:

  • tun: for Serum, Omnisphere, u-he plugins etc.
  • scl/kbm: for Surge, Pianoteq, ZynAddSubFX etc.
  • mid (MIDI Tuning Standard dump) for Xen-Arts

See a list of microtonal software plugins that support microtuning.

World Scales MTS PackWorld Scales Pack

Traditional scales from various cultures.

No Octaves MTS PackNo Octaves Pack

Scales which have no octaves. Truly something unusual.

Eikosany MTS PackEikosany Pack

A paradox – harmonious scales with no clear tonal center.

Regular Temperaments MTS PackRegular Temperaments Pack

Scales which contain lots of new chords.

Download Sevish Tuning Pack (v1.1)

Max 4 Live instruments

Boom – An 808 bass drum style synth


Microsampler – A polyphonic sampler


Tune into any equal temperament or load a Max/MSP coll text file generated by Scale Workshop.

Pure Data + Camomile instruments

Microtonal VST instruments and effects built using Camomile and Pure Data.
Grab them at sevish-vst GitHub.

Download sevish-vst from GitHub.

Tuning presets for Bitwig Micro-Pitch device

A screenshot of the Micro-Pitch device in Bitwig Studio
Includes all edo tunings up to 55edo and a selection of other microtonal scales that might inspire your next melody.

Instructions: unzip the files in your "~/Bitwig Studio/Library/Presets/" directory. Launch Bitwig. Load a preset into the Micro-Pitch device.

Download (zip)
For Bitwig Studio 3.1 and up