Formless Shadows (2021)

Cinematic chill zone. My first full-length ambient release.


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Bubble (2021)

Bubble is the continuation of Sevish’s unique sound world. A mesmerising and addictive mix of beats, microtonal melodies and electronic atmospheres.


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Download the liner notes

Odds and Ends (2020)

A collection of rare, unpolished or previously unreleased tracks from Sevish. Available for free download for listeners who want just a little bit more.

New listeners should start off with another album such as Harmony Hacker or Horixens.

If you grab the free download from Bandcamp, it includes a bonus zip with even more files (MP3 format).

Horixens (2019)

A journey of atmospheric electronic sounds ~ grooves ~ microtonal tunings

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Download the liner notes
Cover artwork by Martín Calderón

3 Remixes (2019)

Brendan Byrnes, Acreil, ZIA, Sevish

Three songs by three musicians, all using microtonal and xenharmonic tunings. A little mixture of avant rock, algorithmic IDM, and space pop – remixed by Sevish in a drum’n’bass style.

Harmony Hacker (2017)

~ Hacking harmony with microtonal tunings ~

Harmony Hacker follows the underground acclaim for Sevish’s album Rhythm and Xen (2015), and features his recognizable fusion of upbeat electronic music with microtonal scales. Tracks vary from drum’n’bass to chiptune to house to dreamy soundscapes.

Contains the viral hit ‘Gleam’ that got major attention for its trippy descending chord progression.

Download from bandcamp to get a PDF liner notes. Microtonal tunings include 10-EDO, 15-EDO, 22-EDO, just intonation, Bohlen-Pierce, and various temperaments.


3 tracks of lush, liquid, atmospheric drum’n’bass using microtonal tunings.

Named after the MK-SUPERDUPER conspiracy – a powerful and hidden group who tried to unleash new human emotions using the power of music. It’s only within the liner notes that you’ll discover the TRUTH.

Drum and bass producer Sevish made these 3 tracks to subvert the 12-tone system and honor the secret bass society but his involvement with the original MK-SUPERDUPER project is unknown.