Rhythm and Xen (2015)

Xenharmonic drum and bass, breaks, and UK bass
the spiritual successor to Golden Hour.

Features the viral hit Droplet that got attention for its indescribable emotion and dreamy textures.

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23 (2014)

Xenharmonic bass music.

Following the Subversio album, Dubbhism Deluxe once again brings together the sounds of Jacky Ligon, Sevish and Tony Dubshot.

All tracks are written using the same tuning – 23 equal divisions of the octave – and prominently feature the Xen-Arts FMTS synthesizer developed by Jacky Ligon (as Xen-Arts).

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Jacky Ligon, Sevish, Tony Dubshot - 23

day:dot EP (2013)

2 downtempo electronic tracks and an epic 10 minute drum & bass tune. Featuring a collaboration with Bristletone.

It was an experiment to go back to 12edo for a while.


Sean but not Heard (2012)

A study on combining odd-metered rhythms with xen melodies. Electronic jams with a definite experimental edge.

Subversio (2011)

Sevish, Jacky Ligon and Tony Dubshot make warped harmonies with a homegrown synth.

Released on Dubbhism Deluxe.

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Sevish, Jacky Ligon, Tony Dubshot - Subversio

Human Astronomy EP (2010)

The EP expands on the style from Sevish’s 2010 album Golden Hour: alternate-universe harmonies and big scatterbrained beats.

Human Astronomy EP comes just as Sevish moves away to the UK midlands. “I always found my little patch of London to be inspiring. The landscape of the city has coloured my music.” Human Astronomy features Sevish’s last compositions in London; it is a “good bye, see you again soon” release. It’s also a “next time we meet I’ll have so much to show you” release.

Golden Hour (2010)

Golden Hour marks Sevish’s introduction to the world of alternative tonality.

It is his first album to use microtonal scales exclusively.