Sevish Music

23 (2014)

Jacky Ligon, Sevish, Tony Dubshot - 23

After the Subversio album, this is the second release on Dubbhism Deluxe bringing together the sounds of Jacky Ligon (Xen-Arts), Sevish (split-notes) and Tony Dubshot (Dubbhism). This EP is about a tuning, known as 23 EDO. We call this style Xenharmonic Bass Music.

All pieces are written using the same tuning, and once again the FMTS synthesizer, a VSTi developed by Jacky Ligon of Xen-Arts, was used to design many of the sounds on this EP.

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day:dot EP (2013, as Sean Archibald)

Sean Archibald - day:dot EP

This feast for ear holes brings together downtempo electronic music and drum & bass into a bite-size listening experience. Featuring a collaboration with Bristletone.

Note: this one isn’t microtonal at all. Strictly tha twelve EDO.


Sean but not Heard (2012, as Sean Archibald)

Sean Archibald - Sean but not Heard

All about the odd-metered grooves, xen melodies and bassy posterior. An original album of electronic music, completely off the grid. A tad bit more experimental than previous works.

Subversio (2011)

Sevish, Jacky Ligon, Tony Dubshot - Subversio

Sevish, Jacky Ligon and Tony Dubshot make warped harmonies with a homegrown synth.

Released on Dubbhism Deluxe.

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