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Review of Xen-Arts’ FMTS2 softsynth

I just noticed this review of the amazing FMTS2 softsynth written by Warren Burt over at SoundBytes magazine. It does a good job at explaining the virtues of this unique and nifty FM synthesiser.

Xen-Arts Xen-FMTS 2

Screenshot of Xen-Arts’ Xen-FMTS 2 softsynth for Windows VST. Make awesome xenharmonic music with spectrally microtuned timbres.

The FMTS2 gets used in my music all the time, and recently I started to share my own FMTS2 resources. I have collected a variety of tuning files and created 30+ patches/presets for you to download. A library of world music scales is coming soon.

Xen-Arts’ FMTS2 can be downloaded for free. If you use it, go and share your sounds with the creator Jacky! He would be really happy to hear what people are doing with his software.