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Scale add-ons for Xen-Arts

World Scales MTS Pack No Octaves MTS Pack Eikosany MTS Pack Regular Temperaments MTS Pack


Jacky Ligon from Xen-Arts has created some amazing VST synths. They are geared towards computer musicians who want to experiment with microtones. That means you can play scales from any culture, or create your own scales that have never been heard before.

These scale packs give you plenty of new scales to load into Xen-Arts synths, or any other synth that supports the MTS format. Also included are .scl/.kbm and .tun tuning files included which will work in many other synthesizers. Each pack includes a PDF file with useful information that will help you understand what you’re hearing.


World Scales Pack Traditional scales from various cultures. Download
No Octaves Pack Scales which have no octaves. Truly something unusual. Download
Eikosany Pack A paradox – harmonious scales with no clear tonal center. Download
Regular Temperaments Pack Scales which contain lots of new chords. Download

Update: the packs now include the same scales in scl/kbm and tun format. This adds support for many, many synths.

Atmospheric sound bank for Xen-Arts’ FMTS2

32 ambient and atmospheric patches for the FMTS2 virtual synthesizer.
The sounds included range from textures—to dense, pulsating polyrhythmic pads—to tuned percussion. Some patches have that characteristic FM yummy sound, and others try to avoid that. I created this bank for my own education and enjoyment.


Max 4 Live Patches

I use these patches in my own music. Now you can try them too.


Boom. A Roland TR-808 style bass-drum synth. Can be microtuned. Get your kicks perfectly in tune for the solidest bass. Download


Microsampler. A fairly feature-light sampler. Unlike most samplers, you can easily microtune it. Download

VSTs for the creation of microtonal music

Want to know how to get various VST instruments to play microtonal scales? I have contributed much how-to information to the Xenharmonic Wiki about that. I have summarised the article below:

Software plugins (VSTs, AUs, RTASs etc.) may allow you to create microtonal music in a DAW. Not all software plugins support microtonal scales. Those that do will accept tuning data by one of the following methods: By reading a ‘tuning file’ from a hard disk, by receiving MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) data as MIDI SysEx messages, or by letting the user directly input values. Plugins that don’t have support may still be microtuned by systematically using the pitch bend, however this only works for monophonic parts (unless you use multiple instances of the same plugin).

See also this handy table of microtunable software plugins.