How to create a .tun file in Scala

Just a quick microtuning tutorial. Are you using a synthesizer instrument which loads the TUN (.tun) tuning file format? Let’s learn how to create one of these .tun files using Scala.

Before you start, make sure you’re using a synthesiser that supports .tun files.


Step One – Create new scale, or load existing scale into Scala.

You could load a file from Scala’s huge scale database, or you could generate new pitches by typing a command into the command bar (at the bottom of the window). For example let’s create a 13 note equal scale (13-EDO):

equal 13

Tip: Type “show” to display your the tuning in the main window.



Step Two – Tell Scala what type of file to export.

Type the following into the command bar:

set synth 112

Scala will output “Synthesizer 112: TUN standard .tun format for many softsynths, via text file”. You’re doing OK.


Step Three – Export

Go to File > Export synth tuning. Or press Shift+Ctrl+T instead. Choose a new location to save the file. All done!

How to export a .tun file from Scala

This is very similar to the process of making a MIDI Tuning Standard (MTS) tuning dump. To make an MTS .mid file, use “set synth 107” instead.

Jam away!

6 thoughts on “How to create a .tun file in Scala”

  1. Colin

    I find scala very difficult to use. I have been trying to understand it for awhile now and i am not musically trained. I want to use the scala files with my eurorack modular setup using an algorithm on the Disting MK4. The problem i am facing is that i need to create keyboard maps for the scales and i really dont have a clue how to do that. The scala file i choose from the list of nearly 5000 will often tell you how many notes there are in the scale but there are no default keyboard maps for a given number of scale steps. This is the limit of my understanding as it all gets too much like computer programming and gets in the way of what i want to experiment with. Can you offer me any advice on this please?


  2. Laura

    I can’t get Scala to work at all. I’ve tried for several days to install it and just keep getting new and different errors.


  3. Jiri Palicka

    First – it is a real shit to complain for a free soft, actually I have to thanx programmers for effort – unfortunately that is were my thanx has to finish.
    If there would be no program at all and vst would use notepad like Kaleidoscope – it would be awesome.
    I would be fine with 80s graphics, even absurd non-codes like “set synth 112” (which nobody ever mention except this site.

    No manual for soft where you have to type “set synth 112” just export is a thing, for which should one can go to jail for years.

    Damn it 21 century – cyber age – and electronic music can use only scale set up before Jesus, or use 80s soft without manual to at lest slightly taste what we are missing….


    1. Sevish Post author

      Hey Cletus, I’m not sure I can help here as I don’t have access to Reaper and Alda. I heard that Reaper does indeed support MTS SysEx messages – you could try looking for plugins/instruments that support MTS.


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