Liner notes to Sean but not Heard

I’m busy working on my new album. I’ve still got a ways to go, but thought it would be nice to recap and post up these very colourful liner notes from 2012’s Sean but not Heard.

Sean but not Heard - Liner Notes

Sean but not Heard (Download at Bandcamp)

Microtunings used

1Lavender FieldsCarlos Alpha
2Sniping for WalliesThe harmonic series, and 1-EDO on bass
320 200 2000 2000017-EDO & a little from a 22 note set based on the Eikosany
4Kowtow(Forgotten) phi-based scale
5The Entity UnmaskedA tetrachordal scale based on superparticular ratios
6Marooned at Home7-note Mavila
7Detached and Distant14-EDO
8Sea Poem9-note Mavila
9Faded Orange Glow17-EDO
10Spuffled Gnorclacks17-EDO

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