‘Rhythm and Xen’ by Sevish – new album next week

Release date: 2015/May/10

Sevish - Rhythm and Xen (Front cover)

The wait is almost over!

Announcing Rhythm and Xen, a new album of xenharmonic drum’n’bass and electronic music by Sevish. Rhythm and Xen is the spiritual successor to the album Golden Hour.

It’s called Rhythm and Xen because it’s got rhythm and it’s got xen. Xen means it uses unusual tuning systems (and I’m not talking about drop D here). Most of the melodies in this album can’t be played in standard Western tuning at all. My goal is to explore the vast possibilities of xenharmonic music while keeping the beats fat.

The album touches on drum & bass, breaks, UK bass, 8-bit and 12-bit so it’s quite a mix. It’s 2010s music with a big 1990s influence and a few dreamy throwbacks to the 1980s. I can’t wait to show you more.

7 days to go!

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