Sevish – Rhythm and Xen (out now)

Rhythm and Xen: An album of atmospheric drum & bass, breakbeat and electronic music.

Download Rhythm and Xen by Sevish

Sevish - Rhythm and Xen (Front cover) Sevish - Rhythm and Xen (Reverse cover)

I won’t spoil all the surprises here, except to say that it’s the spiritual successor to my album Golden Hour, and has some influences from Sean but not Heard too. I hope you find it deep & wide; full of layers, details and surprises.

A full-length album like Rhythm and Xen is a huge undertaking. Almost 3 years is how long it took to complete the effort, all in my spare time, while trying to develop my career. For the first time, I’m selling an album of my solo work. Grab it for £4 – it’s more than worth it.

Facebook comments from people who listened on day 1:

“new electronic beat music that’s *actually new*”
“Better than coffee. Springer than spring. You best be listenin'”
“Wild, out of this world textures and sounds. Microtonal, hybrid, dreamy goodness. Kickass sound design.”

– Sevish

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