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Micro-Pitch device coming in Bitwig Studio 3.1

Here’s an early look at a new feature of Bitwig Studio 3.1 – Micro-Pitch!

Micro-Pitch allows you to use microtonal scales and tunings with your Bitwig instruments.

It’s a good start and quite mind-blowing that the tunings can be modulated over time. I can think of plenty of things I would love to do with that.

I’m concerned that it only allows scales up to 12 notes. Once this design decision is set in place I wonder if it will ever change.

On the plus side (and I am speculating here), it looks like Bitwig instruments may now be able to receive MIDI Polyphonic Expression pitch-bend from devices earlier in the chain. This was impossible before as devices would only respond to MPE that came directly from the piano roll. If indeed this is true then it opens the possibility for the development of a third-party MIDI-VST that would do automatic MPE retuning without the 12-note limitation. For me this would be a dream come true.

(Update: Bitwig support have confirmed to me that Bitwig instruments DO NOT respond to MPE that comes earlier in the chain, therefore a third-party VST MPE retuner is still not possible.)

If there is any more info I’ll update here later.

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