Scale Workshop 1.2 released

Screenshot of Scale Workshop 1.2

1.2 Changelog

New features

  • Approximate scale by harmonics of an arbitrary denominator
  • Approximate scale by subharmonics of an arbitrary numerator
  • Approximate scale to equal divisions

Bug fixes

  • ‘Stretch/compress’ now works as it should
  • ‘Tempo-sync beating’ now works as it should

Misc changes

  • ‘Clear scale’ function now moved into ‘New’ menu
  • ‘Mode’ renamed to ‘Subset’
  • Various updates to the user guide

Other recent additions

  • Scale Workshop now works with Harmor and Sytrus by Image-Line, via .fnv tuning file (thanks to Azorlogh).
  • The ‘Approximate by ratios’ option walks you through each step of your scale and proposes ratios that are approximately close.
  • Generate scales from an ‘Enumerate chord’ e.g. 4:5:6:7:8


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One thought on “Scale Workshop 1.2 released”

  1. Werzel d'Amage

    I’m very much enjoying the Scale Workshop. Thank you.
    Perhaps (likely) I am missing something, but is/would it be possible to input/ calculate a scale based upon Frequency or a Ratio formula in the future?
    My idea is simply to input Frequency values directly.
    The other idea is to input Ratio values as a per step formula, eg. +0.5 would add 1/2 Hertz value of starting point (or remove when going below) to each step of the tuning.
    Please bear with me as I am brand new to these tuning concepts.
    Thanks again.


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