Sevish’s scale impressions

Here are some of my thoughts on various microtonal scales. These thoughts are my own subjective impressions and there’s no need to take them seriously. Enjoy!

Equal-step tunings

  • 1edo – wide-open featureless space
  • 2edo – dual opposition
  • 3edo – dreamy flashback, bells
  • 4edo – cartoony horror, staircase
  • 5edo – open, bright colour, ease
  • 6edo – cartoony wonder, tension
  • 7edo – flat, comfort, bright colour
  • 8edo – moist shit
  • 9edo – bells, chimes
  • 10edo – vivid, open
  • 11edo – pure, warped, intuitive
  • 12edo – nostalgia, comfort, jazzy, transparent
  • 13edo – warped liminal space
  • 14edo – multicoloured
  • 15edo – wonky
  • 16edo – expressive
  • 17edo – angular, intuitive, colourful
  • 18edo – bright colour, I still haven’t explored this one
  • 19edo – flat, wonky, uncanny, pale
  • 22edo – chill, trippy, hyper-jazz
  • 23edo – bright colour, unstable
  • 24edo – something you think should be familiar is now wretched, hyper-jazz
  • 29edo – expanded wonky wonder
  • 31edo – rest, clarity, transparency, and once you get this far out, each edo has the capacity for extreme variety
  • 314edo – way too many notes. this is the point where you’ve gone too far

Bonus, here are some temperament impressions too

  • blackwood – jazzy, dirty, trippy barbershop pole effects
  • machine – sparkly, pure, unusual
  • mavila – face swap, expectation and surprise
  • porcupine – an otonal- and Arabian- influenced diatonic without being either of those things

What are your own impressions?

4 thoughts on “Sevish’s scale impressions”

  1. jordan

    how do you feel about equal divisions of non-octave ratios? personally i’m a fan of dividing thirds e.g. 5ed11/9 and 5ed5/4


    1. Sevish Post author

      I love these scales and have used equal divisions of non-octave ratios such as 3/1, 3/2 and 8/3. Haven’t tried equal divisions of thirds yet. Lots here to explore!


  2. Red Opal

    Oh, nice! I was thinking of doing something very similar myself, on the descriptions Entonal Studio provides for each scale, so I can keep track of what I think of scales- but for now since I dont have a wide grasp on edo, or scales, I think this will come in handy. though I guess I can comment my thoughts on things that you didnt mention here

    27edo – simply, slightly off- I cant really describe it, familiar but a funky dissonance that I love in 27

    Bohlen Pierce – quizzical, mysterious. for some reason it always seems a little unresolved. probably great for quiz show, videogame puzzles, and curiosity about space music


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