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Stream MK-SUPERDUPER on YouTube

My recent EP, MK-SUPERDUPER, is now fully streamable on YouTube.

If you enjoyed MK-SUPERDUPER, you can buy the download on bandcamp. It now has a bonus track ‘The Sky Are Sick’ included, which is an ambient piece that shares the same chord progression as the title track of the EP.

Sleep Deprived Cooked Alive remix stems

Sleep Deprived Cooked Alive is a drum & bass track from my album Rhythm and Xen. It’s written in 14-EDO (a microtonal tuning). It’s definitely one of the more popular tracks, so I’ve decided to release the remix stems for free.

Download the Sleep Deprived Cooked Alive remix stems pack

The pack includes audio stems, MIDI parts and tuning files to help you tune your synthesizers to 14-EDO. Refer to your synth’s manual to see if it supports these files. This should be enough to get a good remix going, or just to study my work if you’re learning microtonal music.

If you make anything with these stems then let me know! I would love to check it out.

Creative Commons Licence
Sleep Deprived Cooked Alive (stems pack) by Sevish is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

Shenmue I Slot House vs Sega Genesis

For this month’s #SaveShenmueHD tweetathon I decided to make a remix of the Shenmue I Slot House music using Mega Drive FM synth sounds. Mega Drive / Genesis geek for sure.

Well, I didn’t use an actual Mega Drive, but I did use FMDrive which sounds as perfect as I can tell. It’s easy to fall in love with that Yamaha YM2616 sound.

A few months back I remixed of the Fields of Time music from Chrono Cross, so if you are a Chrono fan you should check that out too:

Polychromatic Music with Dolores Catherino TEDx Sacramento

A lot of people who are familiar with my work will also be familiar with Dolores Catherino’s hugely inspiring music. She uses the Tonal Plexus keyboard controller to make very spacey electronic music with an 106 note per octave scale. (Yes, that’s the very in-tune 53-EDO multiplied by 2, just cos).

Check out her TEDx talk from January this year for her perspective on microtonality. She also has lots of music on her dolomuse YouTube channel. Crucial stuff.

New Sevish EP ‘MK-SUPERDUPER’ out today!

Sevish has released his new EP titled MK-SUPERDUPER and you can get it now from bandcamp. MK-SUPERDUPER has 3 tracks of lush, liquid, atmospheric drum’n’bass using microtonal tunings.

The download includes a PDF liner notes booklet – check it out to discover how MK-SUPERDUPER got its name. Enjoy the new sounds!


Dave Fiuczynski – Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam

Microtonal music watch!

Some great music coming from David Fiuczynski this month. I cannot get over the amazing combo of Dilla-esque beats, bird calls and David’s microtonal guitar playing. Looking forward to getting the whole album, but for now this video is a perfect teaser…

You can buy a limited edition yellow LP, CD, or download it from RareNoiseRecords.

Video for MK-SUPERDUPER new EP preview

Sevish’s new EP MK-SUPERDUPER will be released on April 1st. MK-SUPERDUPER is all about liquid dnb and experimental bass music with xenharmonic scales. I just made a short video on YouTube for the preview.

I had a lot of fun writing these tunes so check them out next Friday!

Redrick Sultan – Fly as a Kite

“Springtime so fine…”

The opening line from Redrick Sultan’s new album ‘Fly as a Kite.’ Around this time of year when the weather gets warmer my appreciation of music increases tenfold.

Redrick Sultan are an acoustic rock band from Vancouver, with a very melodic vocal style underpinned by microtonal guitars to offer just a slight experimental twist. It works perfectly to my ears. Definitely worth checking out.

My personal fave track: jest us

MK-SUPERDUPER EP coming out on April 1st

This is not just a “theory”. Sevish produced 3 liquid drum and bass tracks to honor the secret microtonal bass society – the MK-SUPERDUPER conspiracy will be exposed on April 1st.

You can download the first track now if you pre-order MK-SUPERDUPER on my bandcamp page.

Electro-xen music from müesk – Eventual

Newly released on the split-notes label, a 9-track record of beautifully sculpted xenharmonic electronic music by composer and poet müesk: Eventual


Eventual is full of these atmospheric and evocative pieces which often defy normal expectations of structure, rhythm and tonality in delightful ways. The download also includes a short collection of poems.

Download Eventual
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